The Earls High School Excellence – Care – Partnership


At The Earls High School our high expectations apply to our School Uniform as well as all other aspects of the education we provide. We believe that a formal, smart uniform is in the best interests of the school, our students and the local community that we serve. We are grateful for the support of our parents and of the students themselves in achieving high standards of dress and appearance both in and out of school.

Students are expected to respect and adhere to the uniform code and we ask parents to help by supporting us in this endeavor. To enable us to reinforce and maintain these high standards, and to ensure fairness, it may be necessary on rare occasions to use appropriate sanctions.

We ask that parents;

  • Work in partnership with the school to ensure that all students are sent to school in the correct uniform.
  • Reinforce our expectations with regard to general appearance, eg hairstyles, piercing, etc.
  • Communicate with the school, for instance by writing a note in the planner, if for some unavoidable reason a student has to attend school without full uniform.

If a student persistently fails to wear our school uniform, parents may be contacted to bring in the correct clothing.

Our uniform is practical, cost-effective and easily maintained; and one that students wear with pride. It removes the pressure from our students to judge or be judged about the way they dress during the school day and therefore has a positive effect on mental health. In addition, it allows our students to be recognisable in the wider community and ensures that students are modestly dressed and safe to take part in school lessons and activities.

School Uniform

  • Jumper: Navy blue jumper (V-neck) with school badge
  • Trousers: Black, of traditional length & width from school suppliers
  • Skirt: The only permitted skirt is the black pleated knee-length skirt, which is sold by our suppliers, worn with black tights minimum 40 denier
  • Tie: Clip-on The Earls High School tie
  • Shirt: White plain shirt of traditional style (long or short-sleeved)
  • Shoes: Plain black polishable, low heeled shoes (no visible logos)Socks: Dark grey/black, to tone with shoes & trousers.

PE Kit

  • Navy polo shirt (Earls logo) 
  • Navy shorts                                                              
  • Navy football socks                                           
  • Navy rugby top (boys only)
  • Football boots and shin pads (boys only)
  • Outer layers: optional, only available from our suppliers – no other outer layers are permitted.
  • Navy fleece (Girls only) 
  • Navy tracksuit bottoms / Earls Leggings (available from Dancers only)
  • Footwear: Trainers – compulsory

All of the above kit is compulsory and must be purchased from our suppliers.

Current Suppliers

Messrs Dancers Ltd
Peckingham Street
B63 3AR

Clive Marks School Wear
4/5 Shires Oak Road

A Oakes 
176 – 188 Vicarage Road
B68 8JB


  • Excessive jewellery should not be worn in school.
  • For health and safety reasons, only studs are allowed to be worn in the ear, no hoops or dangling earrings. No other visible piercing is acceptable. If a student has recently had a nose piercing, they may be granted permission by their Year Coordinator to wear a clear, flat retainer for a limited period.
  • Students may wear a single ring.
  • No ankle bracelets are allowed.


  • Students may wear light make up.
  • If the school deems that makeup is too heavy students may be required to wash it off, either at school or returned home to do so.
  • False nails/eyelashes are not permitted.


  • Students are not allowed extreme hairstyles that would bring undue attention to themselves. Hair colouring should be of natural shades and all one colour.
  • There should be no ‘lines’ in the hair.
  • Parents are asked to remind their children of these important requirements with regard to hair on a regular basis and in particular when their son or daughter is due to visit the barbers or hairdressers! Pupils are expected to remember these requirements when they visit the barbers or hairdressers.