KS4 Curriculum

Developing skills, knowledge and values

Our curriculum

Securing results consistently above the national average, we aim for excellence by continuing a curriculum at KS4 which keeps students motivated and continues to provide them with a broad, balanced range of subjects. At key stage four, students choose from a wide range of GCSE and vocational qualifications to pick a study path that is most suited to them.

In addition to their selected subjects, students continue their study of the core subjects English, Maths, Science, Physical Education and Religious Education. In addition to this, a bespoke PSHCE programme is delivered to support students in this pivotal period of their lives as they take their first steps towards adulthood.

In Years 10 to 11, we offer a wide variety of options subjects which incorporate traditional academic subjects as well as modern vocational ones. These allow students to develop a personalised curriculum around their core subjects of English, Maths, Science, a humanity and/or a language.

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Curriculum allocation

The document below shows how many lessons are given to each subject per week.