KS3 Curriculum

Developing skills, knowledge and values

Our curriculum

Our curriculum ensures that students have the skills, knowledge, and values they need to be successful learners in a rapidly changing world. The key stage three provision offers our students a broad, balanced range of subjects designed to keep their options open when it comes to future study. Studying a range of subjects for three years equips our students with high-quality thinking and interpersonal skills as well as opportunities to be creative and resilient. We want our students to be fearless learners; willing to take on any challenge, unafraid of failure and struggle.

Being creative is essential to our well-being and the future prosperity of our society. We all need to create or participate in something beautiful, to experience the pleasure of using our imaginations. Many industries are now specifying the desire for creative thinkers over and above technical knowledge and skill. We have retained our specialist Performing Arts curriculum because we know what a difference it makes to young people’s understanding of the world around them and their understanding of themselves. It is also integral to deepening their appreciation of the power of practice and the impact it has on achieving polished performances.

In Years 7 to 9, our students take a full complement of national curriculum subjects and all participate in memorable experiences from singing in a Eurovision Song Contest to exploring the geographical features of Dovedale in the Peak District. Thinking creatively and performing confidently are essential skills for wellbeing and our students take part enthusiastically in Art, Drama, Dance, and Music.

Further information can be found about the curriculum studies in individual subjects by following the links below.

We report to parents twice a year on the progress students are making in their lessons, and on their attitude to learning. Further down this page you will find guidance for understanding the reports, and a short explanation video.


Curriculum maps

Curriculum allocation

The document below shows how many lessons are given to each subject per week.