School Performance

Excellence, Care and Partnership

We are proud of the way that external agencies such as Ofsted view the work that we do. In our most recent inspection (Jan 2020) The Earls High School was rated ‘Good’ in all categories – Achievement of pupils; Quality of Teaching; Behaviour and Safety of Pupils; and Leadership and Management.

Ofsted praised both the quality of teaching and the curriculum, as well as the care and guidance that we provide for our students.

View the full Ofsted report below.

“Teachers care about all pupils and they help them to do well in school.”

“Teachers use their strong subject knowledge to plan a curriculum that carefully builds pupils’ knowledge and understanding. It also gives them opportunities to try challenging activities and enjoy their learning.”

“Leaders are very ambitious for pupils’ wider development. They are determined that The Earls High School should produce well-rounded, responsible young people who can excel in sports, the arts or other areas of interest.”

Examination Results

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the decision by the Government to cancel KS4 examinations, no performance tables for 2020 were published. Therefore, our most recent accountability measures from the previous three years are shared below with a link to the Government school performance tables.

Examination Results

Performance Indicator201720182019
Progress 8+0.22+0.19-0.03
Average Attainment 8 grade49.748.946.6
Percentage of students gaining a strong pass (grade 5) in both Maths and English475042
Percentage of students gaining a standard pass (grade 4) in both Maths and English716964
Percentage of year 11 taking Ebacc253743
Ebacc Average Points Score4.224.02

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