Year 10 Blood Brothers Theatre Trip (3rd November 2021)

During the first week back after October half term, Year 10 Drama students went to The Birmingham Hippodrome for their GCSE theatre trip to see Willy Russell’s ‘Blood Brothers’.  They were particularly excited about getting back to the theatre, after COVID lockdowns prevented live performances from taking place.

The famous play is about twin brothers separated at birth and the different turns their lives take as they become friends, not knowing the truth, until it is tragically too late.  GCSE students are studying the play for their written exam, which makes up 40% of their final grade.  The show’s finale caused many teary eyes as usual and those who had insisted, they didn’t ‘do’ musicals, were won round – for the time being anyway!  As usual, Mrs Grainger would like to congratulate students on their conduct, which was a credit to the school.