The Woman in Black

On Tuesday 7th February, Year 11 Drama students travelled to Covent Garden in London to see Stephen Mallatratt’s ‘The Woman in Black’. There were a mixture of emotions amongst the students: those who were excited at the prospect of the watching such a fantastic piece of West End theatre, and those who were terrified at the thought of the performance being as bone chilling as the reviews suggest!The play is about Arthur Kipps, a young solicitor, who is sent to the funeral of a mysterious woman in an isolated village. GCSE students are studying the play for their written exam, which makes up 15% of their final grade.The show’s clever use of sound effects, multifunctional props and lighting caused many jump scares, even if the students claimed they were not worried (as they hid behind their jumpers)!As usual, Mrs Grainger would like to congratulate students on their conduct, which was a credit to the school. A truly wonderful experience was had by all!