Mrs Sevier writes…
Well, marvellous Monday has been quite emotional. I think everyone was feeling the reality of the fact that we have to return to the UK tomorrow and that today was the last chance to work with some of the most fantastic children The Gambia has to offer. Lots of the students have registered the fact that these children are very happy and full of life, even though they have absolutely nothing. Love and people, both family and friends as well as communities, are fundamentals here!
This morning some students went to St. Joseph’s to work with students whilst others went to Wisdom School.
This afternoon a group of 12 students went to complete the painting project whilst the others returned to Omega School.
From this…                                                              …to this!
Following this, students had a final trip to the supermarket (mango juice may be a firm favourite on shopping lists from here on) and then a quick stop at the ice cream parlour!
The students had a great time in the pool this evening and we combined swimming with an Earls karaoke session… how fortunate for all the other guests in the hotel! 🤣

We have just enjoyed our final evening meal together at the hotel and now there is live entertainment for the students to enjoy.