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Science Revision Questions


  • Q1-3 Low Demand (Grade 1-3)
  • Q4-6 Standard Demand (Grade 4-5)


  • Q1-3 Standard Demand (Grade 4-5)
  • Q4-6 High Demand (Grade 6-9)

Triple only:

  • These question should be completed in addition to the foundation or higher ones

Biology – Paper 1


Circulation and Digestion

Health and Disease

Respiration and Photosynthesis

Biology – Paper 2

Inheritance and Evolution


Chemistry Paper 1

Atoms, Periodic tables and Bonding

Acid Reactions and Quantitative Chemistry

Electrolysis, Energy changes and Reversible reactions


Chemistry Paper 2

Rates of Reaction

Crude Oil and Organic Chemistry

Chemical analysis and the Environment

Physics Paper 1

Energy and Power


States of Matter and Radioactivity

Physics Paper 2

Force and Motion


Magnets, Motors and Space

Personal Learning Checklists (PLCs)

Single Science

Science Trilogy