Student Friends of The Earls celebrate top award

On Wednesday, Student Friends of The Earls were joined by parents, senior staff and governors of the school for a celebration of their achievements over the preceding year. Following speeches by Mrs Dimmock and Governor Tracy Price, Certificates and Awards were presented following the group’s recent triumph at the Dudley […]

Students raise money to replant memorial garden

Students from year 8 and 9 were raising money today by selling home crafted Easter Egg Warmers, each containing a chocolate egg. The young ladies have given up their time to make the Egg Warmers among other seasonal craft items and will also be selling them on the last day […]

The Scottish Play at The RSC

On 14th March, the English Faculty took a group of fifty KS4 students to The Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford upon Avon to see the current RSC production of ‘Macbeth’. The play is a set text for GCSE English Literature so seeing it live is invaluable in supporting students’ understanding. […]

Students in song

Friday 23rd March was a big day for singers in Halesowen as students from nine different primary schools and Earls High gathered together for the annual Halesowen Primary Singing Festival. Singers joined in en-masse numbers as well as each individual school performing a short set rehearsed especially for the day. […]

Head’s star of the week

This week we honour Jannah and Shennel for excellence. Jannah went well beyond expectations in History and was able to tell me about Richard Arkwright and his Spinning Jenny which was a huge technological advance and Shennel always works incredbly well but Mrs McLellan wanted to record her praise for the […]

Music for Youth competition 2018

The Earls Orchestra travelled into Birmingham today, to participate in the first Regional stages of the Music for Youth competition 2018. The ensemble performed a wide variety of pieces from an Irish Party in Third Class, to Dvorjak’s New World Symphony. Upon receipt of feedback students learnt that they have impressive […]

Stars of the week

This week’s stars of the week are Drew and Ethan. Both students worked fantastically well to support the school in the interviews of two new members of staff. Both students showed real leadership and thought in the whole process.

Symphony Hall Samba

On February 26th 42 members of the Samba Ensemble travelled to The Symphony Hall Birmingham to perform on one of the world’s most famous stages. The Samba ensemble performed twice during the day. Each time in front of well over one thousand audience members comprised of primary school children from […]

Invasion of the Body Snatchers. 

Year 10 film studies students have been producing creative resources alongside studying the 1956 horror sci fi film, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. S2 has been taken over by pods attempting to deprive individuals of their identity and convert them into conformist Pod People! Determined Year 10 students have maintained their […]

Woman in Black

On Thursday 8th February, Year 11 Drama students travelled to Covent Garden in London to see Stephen Mallatratt’s ‘The Woman in Black’. There were a mixture of emotions amongst the students: those who were excited at the prospect of the watching such a fantastic piece of West End theatre, and […]

Headteacher’s stars of the week

Headteacher’s stars of the week: this week go to Poppy and Ben. Poppy demonstrated perseverance and determination in maths and Mr. Berry was particularly pleased with the way she approached tasks. Ben went above and beyond in art and particularly with a homework task. Both have demonstrated the drive for excellence […]

Young Writers ‘Welcome to Wonderland’

Last term saw the biggest contribution made by the talented students of The Earls High School to the latest publication by Young Writers. Over eighty students submitted an original mini-saga for the ‘Welcome to Wonderland’ writing competition resulting in a record seventy-three being published. A hearty congratulations to all our wonderful young writers who participated. Watch […]