Instrument Lessons and Charges

Learning to play an instrument can be one of the most positive experiences you can have during your time at school. Not only do you have the opportunity to be able to impress your family and friends by being able to perform pieces of music, you will naturally develop the skills to be able to learn better in other subjects such as Maths and English. Music literally makes you SMARTER!

Whether you choose to play an instrument or to have vocal lessons, you will be given many opportunities to work with other people as you learn to perform with and alongside your peers, making solid and lasting friendships through the experience.

These vocal and instrument lessons, which are available to all students, are a separate chargeable service. The school commissions Dudley Performing Arts to provide this specialist music tuition – see full details below.

(Please note that we strongly advise any students taking GCSE Music to have a lesson on their chosen instrument of study. If you aren’t sure what this is, please speak to your Music teacher).


The 2017-18 Academic Year Charges are as follows:

Lesson TypeAnnual Cost, from October half term (28 wks tuition)Cost per weekNotes
Group£206£7.35Group of 2 =20min lesson
Group of 3 = 25min lesson
Group of 4 = 30min lesson
Individual 20 mins£321.50£11.47
Individual 30 mins£486£17.35
Instrument hire£62£2.21See terms & conditions No. 8
Subsidy for pupils on Free School Meals - please contact the school finance office for details email: or tel: 01384 812302

Before applying please ensure you read/review the following documents:

To apply for instrumental lessons you must now complete and submit the electronic application form below.

Please note that if your child wishes to learn more than one instrument, you will need to complete a separate application form for each instrument.

Please ensure that you have completed your instrumental lesson application/s by Friday 29th September 2017.