The Earls High School Excellence – Care – Partnership

Students pay tribute in hearts to the NHS

Earls’ students, many of whom are children of key workers, who have been attending school during lockdown, have created a wonderful tribute to the NHS, in honour of the incredible work that is happening across the country during the current Covid-19 crisis. Each heart has been crafted from coloured paper using the origami instructions shown below. As this week’s Stay At Home Challenge was based upon origami, we’re guessing those involved might be in with a good chance of winning.

To our wonderful NHS – the children of our keyworkers (paramedics, nurses, doctors, carers) didn’t just fold paper, nor did they simply make a display in our school dining hall – they paid a heartfelt tribute to all that you do! We’re incredibly grateful for your service & proud to care for your children at The Earls High School! 🌈 ❤️