The Earls High School Excellence – Care – Partnership

Headteacher’s Stars of the Week

Headteachers stars of the week are five students who demonstrate our values of excellence, care and partnership. Oliver (year 7) has made such fantastic progress in English by working really hard that his teacher wanted to recognise it. Mariya has shown real empathy and compassion for others by raising over £70 for Lepra. Toby, Athene and James did fantastically in the UK Maths Challenge; Toby was in the top 7% of student nationally and goes forward to the next round (called the Pink Kangaroo) whilst Athene and James were awarded silver medals. Toby was c,ear that he worked really hard in preparation, whilst the other two decided to rely on their general Maths education, demonstrating how well we prepare our students. Thanks to Mr Bentham, Mrs Tatton, Mrs Haywood and Mr Law for their work with the students and for joining the celebration. Mr L