Senior Master Chef Competition

House events at The Earls are many and varied and the latest event was House Master Chef. It was a wonderful evening of feverish creative activity as the four teams did their very best to provide the judges with food to tickle their fancy. Mr Loveday and Mr Brook (standing in for John Torode and Greg Wallace) found something to like in each menu and were blown away by the flavours and textures of the food produced. Huge congratulations to everyone who was involved and particular thanks to Mrs Mallin and Mrs Williams and the Heads of House who supported the student teams.
The Senior House Master Chef teams worked really effectively together to produce skillful, tasty and attractive 2 course meals within an hour. The results were very close and all teams deserve to be congratulated on their efforts and their excellent team work. 
  • First place – Hingley (Baked Salmon with crushed new potatoes, green beans and broccoli with homemade pesto sauce, Chocolate Brownies with drizzled white chocolate and fresh raspberries and blackberries)
  • Second place – Abbey (Meatballs in homemade ragu sauce topped with mozzarella in a sesame seed bun, Oreo Truffles covered with milk and white chocolate)
  • Third place – Shenstone (Chicken Breast wrapped in bacon with a homemade BBQ sauce with spicy potato wedges, Apple Charlotte with homemade Creme Anglaise)
  • Fourth place –Cobham (Chicken Breast with a homemade creamy mushroom sauce with green beans and baby carrots, Apple Crumble)
The teams were:
Jessica, Elliemae, India, Carter
Faith, Thomas, Dan, Amelia 
Sofia, Olivia, Jade
Joshua, Robert, Jai, Tommy
Many thanks to Mrs Williams and Mrs Holland for your help and support and to Mr Loveday and Mr Brook for your judging expertise.