At the end of last week, around half of Year 7 took to the woods for three days of Bushcraft! Activities included building and cooking on open fires, bush first aid, building and sleeping in bivouac shelters, knife skills and camouflage makeup. Survival skills were high on the agenda and included an opportunity for a few brave souls to learn first hand how fish eyeballs can be a vital source of fresh water. Camp food was plentiful and tasted all the better for being cooked on open fires. Most of all Bushcraft gave our students a much appreciated chance to get down and dirty, even though a good shower will have been appreciated after three days of ‘back to basics’ living.

With no hot water, no power supply and…… NO PHONE SIGNAL!!!!!…… everyone learned to how to make the best of the resources at hand. However, probably the most important outcome of the experience was learning that, sometimes, there’s simply no choice but to work as a team; a challenge to which all of those present rose admirably. A huge well done to all of those who took part and we look forward to future wilderness experiences.