Poignant poem strikes a chord!

Mrs Clifford brought me a poem written by  year 9 student Julia because she was so impressed with it. The poem is entitled Thorns and Roses and is about gender stereotyping … hugely powerful and thought provoking … so this morning I went into 9R form time and read the poem to them and gave Julia a star of the week award. The poem is too long to recount it all here … but a few poignant lines:
Rose sweats after playing sports;
Thorn sweats after playing sports;
Rose applies some mascara
Thorn applies some mascara
Rose feels an attraction to thorns
Good going girl!
Thorn feels an attraction to thorns
It’s just a phase!
Toward the end these lines are spot on:
Thorns are thorns
Roses are roses
All children born the same
Society is the thing to blame
Can’t you see the threats being posed?
Let a rose be a thorn,
And let a thorn be a rose.
Well done Julia … and thank you Mrs Clifford for sharing it with me.
Mr Loveday