Earls students hit the news!

Earls High students hit the news on Thursday, when they appeared on Midlands Today, as part of a BBC School Report event held at BBCs Mailbox Studios in Birmingham. Our students were among hundreds across Britain, who were hosted by the national broadcaster as part of their programme to educate young people about the world of news and media. The focus of activities was on enabling students to discern accuracy and authenticity in news reporting, in a world where fake news is becoming increasingly pervasive. Visiting students’ experience also included an opportunity to try their hand at sports commentary and radio drama, while learning about cutting edge media technologies and practices.

Going to BBC headquarters was a valuable experience for BBC report club members. The students attended media workshops throughout the day. Some of the workshops they attended were: presenting weather , making  a radio play, identifying fake news and real news, importance of integrity in journalism, radio sports commentary by Mike Taylor ( WM) , focus on pitch and tone in radio broadcasts.  Students were also awarded by Nick Owen for their efforts and contributions. Rylee and Jessica were given a chance to go live on TV.
Students have been asked to keep producing local news to gain confidence for their school website which  BBC has an access to. Lot of available opportunities are posted on the BBC School report BBC website regularly.