Symphony Hall Samba

On February 26th 42 members of the Samba Ensemble travelled to The Symphony Hall Birmingham to perform on one of the world’s most famous stages. The Samba ensemble performed twice during the day. Each time in front of well over one thousand audience members comprised of primary school children from across the region.

We were asked by Music For Youth to participate in the event and, in acknowledgement of the ensemble’s ability, we closed both of the shows with our repertoire. Five members of our ensemble were asked by the organisers to participate in a call and response section with the audience that got the one thousand plus attendees rocking.

The Samba Ensemble have worked extremely hard, including a half-term break rehearsal, in order to ensure that they could supply an exciting, energetic and musically awesome experience. It is a fitting tribute to them that they did not look out of place on a stage as prestigious as the one at The Birmingham Symphony Hall.