Yr8 & 9 House Engineering Competition

This year’s house engineering competition saw students building bridges in order to support the greatest weight possible in order to win. Shenstone were victorious and also set a new record weight for the competition.

Results for the competition:

1st Shenstone (new record with 46 blocks):

Thomas Sadler 9R, Grace Adams 9R, Rebecca Haynes 9R, Horatio Cowley 8N and Aiden Halliday 9R

2nd Abbey Girls (15 blocks):

Abbie Davies 8I, Mya Chadbund 8I, Kimberly Smith 8I, Katie Ratcliffe and Emily Ratcliffe 8I

3rd Abbey Boys (11 blocks)

Connor Price 8K, Dennis Dunn 8K, Bailey Skinner 8I and Thomas Trevis 8I

4th Hingley (9 blocks)

Sophie Turner 9E, Charlie Ching 9E, Thomas Wright 8U, Joe Devlin 8U and Luke Cranage 8E

5th Cobham (6 blocks)

Hannah Jones 9B, Daniel Walters 8L, Phoebe Davies 8L, Euan McSporran 8B and Luke McGarr 8L

A great effort by all students. Thanks to Bill Whitakker for helping with the event, Cam Clarkson, Dave Wright and Dominic Amirgowhar for supporting the event.