Results are in!

Today, along with 16 year olds across the country, the young people of The Earls High School have been receiving their GCSE results. Amidst lots of excitement along with every other parent and student receiving results today, there has been some trepidation surrounding the new exam grading in English and Maths, in particular the interest has surrounded the new ‘top’ grade of a 9 with only 3% of grades expected to be a 9. We are really pleased to be able to announce that just over 5% of students achieved a grade 9 at The Earls with one student deserving special mention – Alexandra Ford achieved the top grade in all of her subjects (that’s three grade 9’s and 6A*). Mr Jamie Fox, Deputy Headteacher, was stunned after looking through her results, “Wow, what a truly outstanding achievement”.

Looking at the results more widely, 70% of students achieved a pass grade or better in English and Maths with 54 students (23%) achieving 5 or more A*/A grades and 18 students (8%) achieving 8 or more A*/A grades (Lucy Boaler, Rhea Boora, Millie Brown, Lucy Foden, Alexandra Ford, Lauren Hale, Wing Koon, Lilian McCann, Amy Morris, Emily Morris, Bradley Mullett, Jorge Peck, Owen Price, Alice Scott, Shey Sewell, Zane Sewell, Phoebe Trudgill, George Williams).

Mrs Rae Cope, Deputy Headteacher commented, “We are extremely pleased for all of our students who worked hard to achieve such fantastic results. When considering GCSE results it is all about 11 years of input from dedicated professionals from reception and primary school, all the way up to those staff who worked with them more recently, not forgetting the support they have received from their parents. The praise for the wonderful results achieved by all of The Earls students should go to all of those involved.”

Other students who have made particularly pleasing progress during their time at The Earls and deserve particular mention include Elleanor Harris, Abbie Dale, Rebecca Bullen, Rae Andrews, Joseph Wilkes, Gemma Grennall, Ami Ray, Katie Willetts, Charlotte O’Dwyer-Haynes, Holly Jackson, Jack Devonshire, Rita Sandhu, Victoria Welch, Nathan Millward, Jonathan Lam, Haytham Haffidh, Isobel Price, Joseph Smith and Eva Shakespeare.

Mr Phil Loveday, Headteacher said “I am pleased to note the fantastic progress that The Earls has made under the leadership of Mrs Cope with results improving well over the last couple of years ensuring that our students are well prepared for the next stage of their educational journey. We now look forward to building on this very firm foundation and continuing to develop the fabulous education The Earls High School students receive even further.”