Whodunnit? Year 8 Challenge Day

On Friday 2nd December, the whole cohort of year eight students were challenged to solve a fictitious murder mystery puzzle using real life work skills of information handling, managing themselves and others while performing under pressure, meeting deadlines and using creative thinking to develop solutions together as a team.

Throughout the day, teams embraced the challenge they had been set by working arduously, with maturity and enthusiasm, and refusing to be deterred from successfully completing the task despite receiving a plethora of clues containing the usual ‘red herrings’ and deliberate dead ends.

Although no-one managed to completely solve the crime (not even the teachers) a fabulous time was had by all with the majority of our students remarking on how much they had been impressed by their peers who had proved themselves to be effective leaders, responsible team players and creative thinkers. Well done Year 8!

Mrs Sparry

Head of English