The Earls High School Excellence – Care – Partnership

Dance Show 2017

I had promised to attend the dance show because some of the year ten students, who I teach, were performing. I was not disappointed. The choice of music was varied and well suited to the choreography. The shapes that were created on stage were awesome and the grace with which the performers executed their moves was breath-taking, especially in the wheelchair ballet sequence. The ‘Stomp’ style miners sequence was invigorating and the Charleston a toe-tapping spectacular. I have been to a number of performances in the past but what struck me about this show in particular were the narratives that were being told. I still have a lump in my throat when I think of the potentially complicated desks and chairs sequence performed to the haunting strings of the soundtrack to ‘Schindler’s List’ complemented by the harrowing still images of war-torn Syria being shown in the background; these youngsters demonstrated a real empathy with the challenges faced by citizens continuing to live their daily lives amidst chaos. A hearty congratulations to all staff and students involved and had Mr Goodman been present in the audience, I’m sure it would have been ‘a ten from Len’.

Mrs Sparry