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Dance Department’s trip to Birmingham Royal Ballet’s The Nutcracker

On Thursday 8th December, 2016, the Dance Department took 44 students from Year 7 to Year 10 to see the Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Christmas ballet The Nutcracker. 

Students enjoyed the whole experience as they were enthralled by all aspects of the production from the set design and special effects, to the fantastic costumes and beautiful dancing, every student came away spellbound by the experience.

Students were particularly enchanted by meeting one of the female dancers, Jenna Roberts who performed The Snow Fairy after the performance. They loved seeing her costume up close and being able to talk to her.

These are some of the comments students made following this trip:

“I thought it was so inspiring, as I love dance! Dance is quite hard but this production helped to show me how much I love dance and how much I want to dance! It was amazing!”

“I thought it was really elegant and it inspired me for when I go on pointe. I also loved the part of where all the children of different age groups were dancing together. I thought it was brilliant and it made me feel more Christmassy!”

“The Nutcracker was really good and you could tell that it was really well planned out. My favourite part was when the magician brought out boxes and different dancers appeared out of them, it made you wonder how they did it. It was a great inspiration on how we should be performing our own show.”

“My favourite things about The Nutcracker was the special effects (such as the snow) and the scenery. I also liked the costumes, as they were all different and eye catching. Plus, I liked the creativity of the growing Christmas tree and fireplace.”

“I really enjoyed The Nutcracker it was very well rehearsed and the costumes were very effective. I was very inspired by the dancers because of how they created the magic of Christmas through ballet and other cultural dance styles. It was fantastic! It was amazing!”